Praesto Preparatory School

Praesto Preparatory: Gifted Education Programming Objectives

Student Identification: Students will be selected on the basis of their composite scores on intelligence and achievement tests as well as recommendations from teachers and outside professionals. Assessments must measure diverse abilities, talents, strengths and needs. Psychological evaluations used to determine eligibility should include recommendations based on the findings. An assessment of social competence must be included.

Individualized Education: An individual education plan will be developed for each student. Each plan will reflect the gifted learner’s interests, learning style, strengths and needs.

Academic Curriculum: Students will be evaluated for individual placement within curriculum. Placement will be based on ability rather than age/grade. Students in the gifted program will develop skills in critical and creative thinking, problem — finding/solving, logic and independent research. Academics will be provided in a combination of small groups, large group and individual learning sessions. If appropriate, students will take courses at accelerated levels and if necessary at an accelerated pace. Programming designed to develop problem solving/ research skills will be provided in a small group setting as grouping students together allows them to learn from and challenge each other.

Classes: In addition to vertical integration which allows us to place our gifted students in high level mainstream classes (including high school classes for those students who need that level of curriculum), the gifted program also offers 2 classes which meet 2 days a week each. These classes provide an opportunity for our gifted students to meet with each other and work together on projects and/or curriculum which focus on higher level thinking skills.

Humanities: While the focus of these classes changes from year to year the students spend time analyzing classic literature as well as discussing and researching concepts and ideas such as designing a country which involves and in depth look at governments, economics, infrastructure etc.

Science and Math: Again the focus of these classes change from year to year as well but curriculum focuses on developing research methodology, problem solving and team dynamics. Each year culminates with an “Invention Convention” which highlights the work done over the course of the year.

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