International Students

Home and School Program for International Students

Easton Country Day School has developed a program for students from overseas that focuses on both academics and cultural immersion. In addition to the core academic program ECDS offers the opportunity to specialize in selected areas of enrichment that will help to deepen knowledge in specialty areas while simultaneously providing cultural immersion. Students will be placed with host families so that they are able to gain further exposure to the American cultural experience and English language.

Tuition for International Students:

  • Tuition for the full program is $35,000 per year for international students. ESL online course is not included but provided at an additional fee to all International students in partnership with Sacred Heart University.
  • Homestay assignments are provided to our International students through our partners. We work with each student to ensure that our partners match students with families.
  • I-20s will be issued after receipt of your deposit as stated in your contract. There will also be a mailing of $100 for shipment of the I-20.

What we offer:

  • ELLs within a single classroom can be heterogeneous in terms of home language proficiency, English proficiency, previous experience in schools, and time in the U.S. To address this, we offer very small ELL classes with instruction tailored to the individual.
  • Instruction focuses on providing discipline-specific practices which are designed to build conceptual understanding and language competence in tandem.  earning is a social process that requires teachers to intentionally design learning opportunities that integrate reading, writing, speaking, and listening within the practices of each discipline.
  • Literature and Writing courses modified to focus on building skills in areas within the English discipline to simultaneously increase English proficiency and prepare students for success in mainstream English courses as they continue their education through college.
  • Weekly intensive TOEFL test prep classes focusing on reading, listening, speaking, writing skills, and test-taking strategies needed to improve test scores to meet the high standards of American universities.
  • Courses designed to ease the transition from overseas to America by providing an understanding of how to succeed within the American educational system, as well as a general introduction to American culture.

Weather Delays/Cancellations

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