Student Regulations

“Responsibility, Integrity, Community, Praxis”


We will keep our promises.
We will do our homework on time.
We will do the school jobs asked of us cheerfully and well.
We will clean up after ourselves and keep our areas neat.


We will be respectful and kind to each other
We will not talk when others are talking. We will not use hurtful behavior towards others – no hitting, teasing, rudeness, gossiping, etc.
We will follow the directions of teachers promptly, courteously, and cheerfully.
We will be honest in all our endeavors. We will not cheat. We will not plagiarize. We will be truthful.


We will consider the impact of our actions on others. We will treat each other as we wish to be treated.
We will not abuse the property of others, run in the halls, make loud noises in the building, or chew gum in school.
We will seek out ways to help others.
We will represent Easton Country Day School to ourselves and others in positive ways.
We will accept each other’s differences with grace.

If we can teach our children to live by these ideals, we will have succeeded.

Weather Delays/Cancellations

Note to Parents: weather or emergency delays and closings are always announced by direct email, on TV 3, 8, & 12 and radio stations WICC 660 AM, WEBE 108 FM, & STAR 99.9 FM, as well as on the school closing list of

Upcoming Events