Easton Country Day School was founded in 1993 by a group of parents who were also educators. Led by Mrs. Jody Smith and Mrs. Martha Townson, these parents were looking for an alternative education for their own children. They envisioned a place where classes would be based on ability rather than just age, where individual attention was the norm, and where integrity and responsibility were part of the fabric of daily life.

Their vision, originally called Phoenix Academy, opened its doors in Fairfield, Connecticut. As word of mouth spread the news, the school began to grow by leaps and bounds. Students here were receiving a remarkably well-rounded and individually structured elementary education, scoring high on their standardized tests, and being accepted into the area’s most competitive private high schools. Teachers and parents from all over the area began to knock on the school’s doors.

Mrs. Townsend moved out of state, and in 1995, founding parent Mrs. Suellen Inwood stepped in to take her place. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Inwood remain the Directors today.

The young school was growing rapidly, and as the years passed it finally outgrew the smaller and older building where it had begun. By 2005, the opportunity to move to a lovely and well-equipped building in Easton presented itself. The move enabled the school to have physical facilities of a quality that matched its educational offerings. The new building was also large enough to allow expansion into many new areas, including a specialized Gifted Program, a multitude of enrichment activities, and a Pre-School and Day Care Center.

As part of an ongoing commitment to familiarize our students with public service and community involvement, the school immediately sought to become engaged and involved with the Easton community. We are delighted to have become an integral part of our small, beautiful town, and we are celebrating all that our school has become with a changing of our name. We are proud to be known today as Easton Country Day School.

Weather Delays/Cancellations

Note to Parents: weather or emergency delays and closings are always announced by direct email, on TV 3, 8, & 12 and radio stations WICC 660 AM, WEBE 108 FM, & STAR 99.9 FM, as well as on the school closing list of CTWeather.com.

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