Scrabble Tournament 2023

ECDS High School’s Fifth Annual Scrabble Tournament proved to be a record breaker! In the Open Invitation Round, last year’s Scrabble Champion, Zach Bittker, astounded with a high score of 581! The seven other players adroitly maneuvered their tiles to produce amazing scores in the 300s. The top four scores advanced to the Finals: Junior Zach Bittker versus Junior James Kalten and Senior Henry Bustell versus Freshman Leo Vomacka. Zach repeated his 2022 victory with a 398 while Leo earned the runner-up prize with a 326.

 Ms. Holtz, ECDS High School English Teacher and High School Counselor, sponsored the tournament as she does annually upon return from April break. Her classes play Scrabble twice a month prior to the tournament to increase their vocabulary, strengthen the offense and defense of their game, and compete in friendly play.

 Congratulations to 2023 Scrabble Champion Zach Bittker and Runner-Up Leo Vomacka!

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