ECDS High School Capstone Project Fair

An evening of learning at Easton Country Day High School

On March 2, our talented Easton Country Day High School students presented their annual Capstone Projects to friends and family. It has been two years since we have been able to open the doors to our evening Capstone Fair. In a typical year, these Capstone projects are presented to High School teachers for grading then again to family and friends for enjoyment at an evening of learning known as “The Capstone Fair”.

Our high school students dedicated two months to researching and compiling information for their Capstone projects. The process all begins with a student-teacher collaboration in brainstorming ideas then pinpointing an individualized interest or passion. Once the topic is established, the upcoming weeks are full of research, development, and teamwork. The students put many hours into creating their masterpiece while meeting with their project advisor, which is a selected High School teacher, along the way. “These projects are always exciting to hear about as they develop” says an ECDS parent at our Capstone Fair; and we all agree to this sentiment as staff members. Even though we learn many things about our students over the 4 years, this project allows them to express themselves outside of our school curriculum. All of
those “hallway” conversations between students and teachers throughout the school year come alive on Capstone day. Anyone walking into The Capstone Fair feels the excitement. How could you not when you have displays of home crafted greenhouses filled with horticulture, stock
market tickers being followed across a screen, and a 14-foot pvc dragon that moves! We could not be more proud of our student’s effort and dedication to their work and are so thankful for our advisors that guide them along the way.

We look forward to learning more about each and every student that comes through our doors at Easton Country Day HIgh School.

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