These Stellar ECDS High School Seniors Selected for Stat-a-thon!!

Two of our ECDS High School seniors, Christa Malan and Richard Chenhao-Dong were selected to present (and received an award) in the first Stat-a-thon — held jointly by UConn Statistics Department and NESS NextGen during the 33rd New England Statistics Symposium on May 15–17, 2019! Stat-a-thon is a statistical data science invention marathon. NextGen is a newly-formed committee within NESS supporting the next generation of statisticians and data scientists for them to contribute to the betterment of the New England Statistical Society.

There were only 5 finalist teams selected to present at the final presentation session on May 16, 2019. Three of those teams were graduate students (in Master’s or Ph.D. programs in statistics) and one team was undergraduate students majoring in statistics. Christa and Richard were the ONLY high school team selected, and had only two members on the team. The other teams had 3 or 4 members. They presented first and did a great job! Christa and Richard were guided by ECDS math faculty member, Nikki Wingate. These phenomenal students fielded questions from expert judges who are all leading researchers/professors in statistics at colleges in New England. We couldn’t be more proud! As a result of their wonderful work, Richard and Christa received an Honorable Mention award.

There were two themes available for entrants to choose, and the theme Christa and Richard chose was Connecticut real estate data (the other one was insurance data). Given the data, they formulated their own questions to answer using statistical analysis techniques learned while taking UConn’s Early College Experience course (Elementary Concepts of Statistics) at Easton Country Day High School throughout this year.  Christa and Richard conducted descriptive analysis, regression analysis, and two sample t-tests for comparison of means. They found statistically significance in how the recession impacted Connecticut, how towns in CT were impacted differently, and how different types of property in CT were influenced.

Easton Country Day School is one of the high schools within the state of Connecticut offering UConn classes at the high school throughout the school year. The students earn UConn credit to transfer to any colleges they will attend. Instructors are certified by UConn Early College Experience program and ECDS currently offers Statistics class through this program. The Stat-a-thon  trademark is owned by University of Connecticut. Anyone who has an interest in data science attends a Stat-a-thon to approach a real world data science problem, some of which are local, in new and innovative ways. It emphasizes the statistical aspects (insight, interpretation, significance, etc.) of data science problems that are often overlooked in many hackathons.  (More info at: NESS (New England Statistical Society) NextGen committee created this competition this year to be held during the annual New England Statistics Symposium at Hartford, CT. 

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